Frozen Semen AI

ETFROZEN1We do not perform set time inseminations, ie. treating a mare with deslorelin and then inseminating 36 hours later regardless of her follicle. To maximize our conception rates we ultrasound the mare at least every 6 hours which means that all mares are scanned at 11pm and 5am, once ovulation is close we will scan every 1-2 hours which allows insemination very close to ovulation. A set fee is charged per cycle. A relatively newer procedure associated with frozen semen insemination is the use of low dose insemination. This allows more inseminations per dose of semen and is ideal when there is a limited amount of semen.

What is included: The set fee includes all follicle testing, post ovulation scanning and artificial insemination. The semen is also warmed in an incubator and examined and graded for percentage alive and progressive motility. It also includes most reproductive drugs including prostaglandin, Ovuplant or Chorulon, and Oxytocin. Post ovulation infusions with saline containing antibiotics or plasma are included. All disposables used are included in the fee, including non-spermicidal syringes and AI pipettes. Also included is organization for the delivery to the clinic of chilled semen.

What is not included: There are a few drugs which are used infrequently and are not therefore included in the price, for example systemic antibiotics and regumate. Also sedation of difficult mares is not included. The reason for this is that they are not routinely used therefore it would be unfair to the majority of mare owners to incur expense for these when used in such few cases. The set fee does not include pregnancy testing, any swabs or uterine biopsies, caslick operations or investigations of infertility. Semen transportation is arranged but the cost of the transport is not included nor is the return of any semen shippers.


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