IEC Winter Newsletter 2018 – 20% Off Dentals

Winter Newsletter

Winter is here!!! No doubt everyone is filling up the wood heap in preperation for a few cold months ahead. Thanks to everyone who attended our client information night in March. It was without doubt the biggest and best yet.
Congratulations to Julie and Bronwyn (see below) who won prizes for the best dressed. Plans are already underway for another client information night in August…watch this space.


It’s that time of year again. For all those horse owners out there who have forgotten about it, put it in the too hard basket, or have been too busy, now is the time. For June, July AND August IEC will be providing a 20% discount on dentals. That’s right 20%!!!! Tell your friends….it’s too good to miss out on this special offer. Call the office for more information.


If you are thinking of getting your mare in foal, one of the most common questions we get asked is should I use chilled or frozen semen? Below is a summary of the pros and cons of each option.

Chilled semen for AI (artificial insemination) 
– higher success rate than frozen semen.
– less labour intensive and therefore less expensive than frozen semen.
– the stallion must be located in Australia or NZ as the semen only lasts 48-72 hours after collection.
– constant communication required between the vet and stallion owner.
– some stallions get booked out or don’t collect at certain times of the breeding season as they are competing.

Frozen semen AI 
– lower success rate than chilled semen.
– more labour intensive and therefore more expensive than chilled semen.
– frozen semen can be used from anywhere in the world often allowing for the most sought after stallions to be used.
– frozen semen is often expensive to purchase with no in foal guarantee.


A few of you may have already met our new Vet Nurse Tegan Chapman. Tegan grew up in Wollongong and has been involved with horses most of her life. Tegan will be travelling with the vets to assist them with their procedures. Make sure you say hi!!