Semen Freezing

Stallion’s semen can also be frozen depending on the stallion. This procedure is very involved and depends on the number of straws required, and the amount and quality of the stallion’s semen. We charge a set fee for every collection and freezing of the ejaculate obtained; the number of straws obtained per ejaculate is very varied between stallions. This set fee includes all the extenders, straws and disposables associated with the freezing process.

SEMENFREEZINGThere are two important things to remember with freezing stallions’ semen, firstly 1/3 of stallions semen freezes well in most extenders, 1/3 freezes well using the correct extenders and 1/3 doesn’t freeze well at all.

Secondly post thaw motility is not always a good indicator of fertility (just because the semen looks good under the microscope doesn’t mean it will get your mare in foal). If the stallion needs a “clean out” there is a fee for this.. Embryonix can also store semen for both long and short term.

Charges for Semen Storage
Frozen semen is charged by the number of straws held, per stallion, per month, twice a year.


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