Dynamic Respiratory Endoscope

Exercising DRS

This is one of the most important advances in equine veterinary practice in recent years. It is an endoscopic examination of the horse’s upper airway whilst under race or strenuous exercise conditions. It allows a very close and accurate assessment of your horse’s airway when it matters – i.e. when he/she is working hard. This takes the guess work and uncertainty out of assessing the relevance of subtle abnormalities as well as diagnosing certain important abnormalities which appear normal at rest. This “on board” endoscope is comfortably worn attached to the bridle with the recording device attached to a specially designed saddle cloth.

The video recording of the airway is then viewed frame by frame by experienced clinicians and specialist surgeons to ensure the correct diagnosis is made and the most appropriate management, medical and surgical options are discussed. It is a vital part of ensuring the best possible outcome for you and your horse.

Dynamic Respiratory Endoscopy is now offered at Illawarra Equine Centre keeping the clinic at the forefront of equine diagnostics.