Portable Digital Imaging


Digital radiography has revolutionized the diagnostic ability of a mobile veterinarian. The superior quality of the digital image and the ability to manipulate the image allows us to examine and diagnose problems that would have been missed on plain films. The highly mobile unit allows ‘in field’ assessment if it is unsafe to transport the horse and allow the convenience of not having to travel the horse.


Upon returning to the clinic, all images are placed on a centralised data base where they can be sent for a diagnostic opinion by an equine surgeon at Randwick Equine Centre.

Pre-purchase examinations: Radiography can be used as part of pre-purchase examinations either for particular areas of concern or for routine joint surveys.Certain types of examination however, particularly those involving the thorax, abdomen, skull, spine and upper limb, may require additional help in capturing the image and can be organised to be conducted at the clinic.